Winnaleah Hotel - Company Message

Winnaleah Hotel is a great country pub in rural North East Tasmania, positioned 2km off the Tasman Highway and is on the main tourist route to the East coast of Tasmania, between Launceston and St Helens.

Winnaleah is a thriving farming area, in a very proud & self reliant community.  Winnaleah township includes a district school, community store, post office, plus the very competitive football and netball teams.

The area is rich in tourist attractions including great trout fishing, fossicking and stunning scenery.
Watch for the signs between Derby and Winnaleah Turnoff.

Hotel Closed on Mondays

Freshly cooked Pizza's available Tuesday - Thursday 5-8pm
Meals - Dine in or Takeaway Tuesday - Saturday 6 - 8pm

Tuesday - Thursday: 1pm - 10pm....ish
Friday - Saturday:  12 Noon - 12 Midnight
Sunday : 1pm till - 6pm *only in Summer & Autumn & Spring
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